The Oldest Social & Recreation Club of Ahmedabad

The history of Ahmedabad Gymkhana goes back well over 130 years, to 1885, when the club was established – it is the oldest Golf Club of Ahmedabad from the British Raj days.

The wooden roofed central hall, considered as the main building, was built in the year 1859 as a Chapel. In 1881 it was made a station library by the Britishers.

The birth of the club came in 1884 on borrowed land, and finally in 1885 the Britishers turned it into a full-fledged club. Well before the 1900’s, the club interestingly saw a transition from a Chapel to a Library to a Club.

Even today, the entrance gate welcomes the members with a very old Canon, with the Queen’s insignia year marked 1796. Situated in a lush green surrounding all across the club premises, you feel relaxed as if you are in a world far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in Shahibaug.

Ahmedabad Gymkhana, like other “Colonial Cousins”, has withstood the test of time in all its grandeur and decorum. The wooden roof shaded corridor best narrates the event of yesteryears.

Till the year 1946 no Indian was allowed to become a member of the Gymkhana. After the British quit India, and the National Movement was in force, it was the President & Manager of Ahmedabad Electricity Company, Mr. K. L. Paulin, who opened the gates for civilians.

This was the first ever club of Ahmedabad to be commissioned as a private club.

Some of the distinguished industrialists became among the first civilian members, including Shri Chinubhai Chimanbhai, Shri Arvind Lalbhai, Shri Narottam Chinubhai, Shri Soli Cambatta, Shri Harsh Mangaldas, and many others.

The Club boosts for having a very elite gentry of Ahmedabad. During the days of the Britishers, the club had regular gala dances, with the best of European cuisine. The cooks of Ahmedabad Gymkhana in those days had served aboard Queen Elizabeth’s luxury passenger liners. Even today, the Club serves as a meeting place for military and civilian members.

Keeping with the ethos of a selected gentry, the club has managed to keep its membership strength low, with a strong membership review & scrutiny committee, bringing in good citizens, government officers and armed forces officers as members.

The club has a range of member facilities including a swimming pool, billiards room, badminton court, gymnasium, cards room and lush green lawns for members to relax and enjoy, along with good food and a range of monthly activities like housie / tambola, competitions and celebration of festivals like Christmas, Lohri and Navratri.

For more information on becoming a member, or using services, please contact the club office here.