Ahmedabad Gymkhana Club offers its members a host of activities.


Granite tables of International standards form part of the history of the club, which has seen some world-class players learn and train here over the years.

Charges for Members
( 8 + years / 4.5 ft + )
60Coaching Fees for Members1400
Charges for Guests
( 8 + years / 4.5 ft + )
Coaching fees for Guests2000


A well lit, spaced out court, with a best-of-its-class wooden floor, offers our members the opportunity to play and enjoy the game.

Monthly Fixed Charges for Members 540 Monthly Fixed Charges for Guests810
Daily Member Charge (45 mins)40 Daily Guest Charge (45 mins)80
Adult Coaching Fee (monthly)1500 Guest Coaching Fee (monthly)1500
Children Coaching Fee (monthly)1250 Guest Child Coaching fee (monthly)1250
YONEX Shuttlecock 135 Normal Shuttlecock 90


A classic style swimming pool offers our members a refreshing dip, and an opportunity for their children to learn swimming.

Daily Member Charges 35 Daily Guest Charges70
Monthly Member Charges700 Monthly Guest Charges1000
Basic Members Coaching Fee (monthly)1500 Basic Guest Coaching Fee (monthly)2000
Advance Members Coaching Fee (monthly) 1750 Advance Guest Coaching Fee (monthly)2750
Locker Rent (annual – 01/04/22 to 31/03/23)1000

Health Club & Gymnasium

The best of machines, weights and training helps our members build and maintain a muscular body.

Member Charges (daily)100 Guest Charges (daily)150
Member Charges (monthly)1400 Guest Charges (monthly)2000
Member Charges (quarterly)3500 Guest Charges (quarterly)5000
Member Charges (half-year)7000 Guest Charges (half-year)10000
Member Charges (yearly)10500 Guest Charges (yearly)15000
Member Couple Charges (yearly)12850Guest Couple Charges (yearly)18000

Table Tennis

A well maintained table tennis table is available for members to enjoy.

Members Charges 30
Guest Charges 60

Cards Room

An air-conditioned cards room is available for members for recreational use.

Package – 2 hours 700
Per person per hour charges (min 4 people) 45


A library with well stocked books is available for members to read or use at home.

Charges for Members 20
Charges for Guests30
Book charges for 2-3 days home use 20

Lawn Spaces

Lawn for use of members.

Veranda area1650
Lawn in front of the office2400
Veranda & adjoining lawn (combined)6000

Complementary services of Carrom and Chess are also available for members use at club premises.

Daily guest charges for club usage is Rs. 30/-

These rates are effective from 1st April 2022, subject to the decision of the committee, Ahmedabad Gymkhana Club. These rates are excluding tax. Tax as applicable will be charged extra.