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  • Notice for Annual Subscription for FY 2022-23

    12th March, 2022


    The Members of Ahmedabad Gymkhana Club.

    The Managing Committee of Ahmedabad Gymkhana club has decided to keep the annual subscription for the year 2022-23 same as per the previous year.

    The Annual Subscription for FY 2022-23 is as below:-

    Membership CategorySubscription Received prior to 30th April 2022Subscription Received after
    30th April 2022
    Bank details:
     Without GSTWith GSTWithout GSTWith GSTAccount NameAhmedabad Gymkhana Club
    Permanent5,5006,4906,5007,670Bank NameHDFC Bank
    (Per Nominee)
    5,5006,4906,5007,670Bank BranchJodhpur Cross Roads Branch, Ahmedabad
    Armed forces5,5006,4906,5007,670Account No50200043591776
    Service Member5,5006,4906,5007,670IFSC CodeHDFC0001285
    NR Member5,5006,4906,5007,670  
    Senior Citizen4,5005,3105,5006,490GST Details:
    Additional Members5,5006,4906,5007,670GST Number24AABTA7350G1Z1

    Note: In case overdue amount exceeds Rs. 5,000, credit facility would not be extended and stands withdrawn till overdue amount is cleared. Such member wishing to avail Club Facilities would be against payment only.

    1. Annual Subscription Amount: Interest on late payment would be applicable for payments received after 31st May, 2022.
    2. Monthly Bills – Interest on late payment would be applicable if payment received after 20th of the following the month for which bill has been raised.

    Interest on late payment

    Slab (Rs.)Interest Charge per calendar month (Rs.)
    100   to 4,000100
    4,001 to 5,000115
    5,001 to 6,000140
    6,001 to 7,000165
    7,001 to 8,000190
    8,001 to 9,000215
    9,000 to 10,000240

    & so on….

    Hemang Patel


  • New Co-opted member

    Please welcome our new co-opted member Mr. Rajiv S Mehta onto the managing committee.

    Thanks, Team Ahmedabad Gymkhana.

  • Changes in Managing Committee post Managing Committee Meeting

    Kindly note changes in the Managing Committee as per the resolution passed at the Managing Committee meeting held on 29th January 2022.

    1) Major General Mohit Wadhwa – Senior Patron
    2) Brigadier S. K. Sheoran – de facto Patron
    3) Mr. Anuj Mehta – Hon. President
    4) Mr. Hemang Patel – Hon. Secretary
    5) Mr. Shishir Kabra – Hon. Treasurer
    6) Mr. Naishadh Parikh – Hon. Member
    7) Mr. Navroz Tarapore – Hon. Member
    8) Mr. Inderjit Kapur – Hon. Member
    9) Mr. Mihir Thakore – Co-opted Member
    10) Mr. Firdos Cambatta – Co-opted Member

  • Annual General Meeting 2022

    Dear Members,

    The Annual General Body Meeting of Ahmedabad Gymkhana Club will be held on  Saturday, 19th February 2022 at 4.00 pm at the club premises.

    PFA Notice of AGM 2022  (attached herein).

    Members should clear their outstanding to the Club at the earliest.

    The details of the bank account are as below:-

    Ahmedabad Gymkhana Club

    HDFC Bank

    Jodhpur Cross Road, Ahmedabad

    IFSC Code – HDFC0001285       

    Account Number – 50200043591776

    Thanking you.

    Truly Yours

    Hemang Patel


  • Annual Subscription – 2021 – 2022

    Annual Subscription Rates for FY 2021-22

    Membership CategorySubscription Received prior to 30 April 2021Subscription Received after
    30 April 2021
     Without GSTWith GSTWithout GSTWith GST
    (Per Nominee)
    Armed forces5,5006,4906,5007,670
    Service Member5,5006,4906,5007,670
    NR Member5,5006,4906,5007,670
    Senior Citizen4,5005,3105,5006,490
    Additional Members5,5006,4906,5007,670

    Bank Account details for online transfer:

    Account NameAhmedabad Gymkhana Club
    Bank NameHDFC Bank
    Bank BranchJodhpur Cross Roads Branch, Ahmedabad
    Account No50200043591776
    IFSC CodeHDFC0001285
    GST Details:
    GST Number24AABTA7350G1Z1

    Members are requested to send NEFT / RTGS details by email to immediately upon making payment.  Please do mention Member’s name & Membership Number correctly to enable amount to be credited to your account.

    Interest on late payment would be charged for all payments received after 31st May 2021.

    In case of overdue amount of over Rs. 5000, credit facility would not be available, and would stand withdrawn till overdue amount is cleared.

    Thank you.

    Ahmedabad Gymkhana Club.