Christmas Day Kids Celebration at Ahmedabad Gymkhana

Ahmedabad Gymkhana Club would like to continue its tradition of celebrating Christmas day & this time with COVID precautions like maintaining physical distancing and necessary guidelines.

The club is arranging a X’mas party at on 25th December 2020 at club premises at 5 pm which involves fun and surprises for children, dance with light music, games etc with decorations, lights & balloons & snacks for children .Guests are welcome.

Our Santa Claus will be present to distribute gifts & chocolates to the children.

We request members to send their confirmation for participation by 23/12/20. Those members who wish to give gifts to their children through Santa may please send the gifts to Club before the event.

The charges would be Rs 300/-per child.

Special fixed menu will be available for members on this day.

Please call the club office for more information or confirmation, on +917922867161